Graphic Novel

by Simon Schwartz

Hidden in the Rock - The mountain, the salt & the art

Narratives in images have always provided a unique take on history. The German comic artist Simon Schwartz is a master at this and brings historical events to life. He has managed to capture the eventful history of the Altaussee salt mine from the Stone Age to the Nazi era in a graphic novel. This will be on display in an exhibition at the Steinberghaus from March 22, 2024, which is free to the general public. And, of course, this graphic novel is also available in book form.

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Art rescue

The Fortune of Art

The history of Altaussee salt mine: Of the Middle Ages, “Monuments Men” and 1.47 million m³ of brine

The Altaussee salt mine in Ausseerland, Styria, looks back on a colorful – and in some cases, movie-worthy – history, extending from the High Middle Ages to the present day.

And perhaps unexpectedly, its story isn’t always about salt. But rather, art treasures of inestimable value, Nazi bombs that were never detonated and courageous Aussee miners….


Salzwelten Altaussee

Exhibition opening: March 22, 2024 5:00 pm, Salzwelten Altaussee, Steinberghaus


Salzwelten Altaussee is kicking off the new season with a vernissage. Just in time for the opening, the Graphic Novel exhibition will be unveiled on March 22, 2024. It may then be visited free of charge during regular opening hours. 

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